Bar Kirby

“Safeway has helped us on a lot of projects involving cleaning out tanks and hazardous materials. They have been really good at project management and have gone above and beyond what my expectations are.”

Josh Porter

“Safeway is a great company to work with. They have handled our industrial waste and cleaning for almost 20 years. They are very professional and always leave a clean worksite. Thank you, Safeway.”

Kyle Seagraves

“This team is fantastic to work with!! Not only do they conduct their work safely and in compliance but they are innovative and efficient!”

Chris James

One of the main reasons I like working at Safeway because they have very strong family values. It is a very caring and “from the heart” type of working environment that I am extremely grateful to be a part of.

Briggs Hatley

I’ve found a home, and they’re going to have to kick me out to make me leave.

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